Seekins Precision Havak Element 6.5 PRC

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6.5 PRC

Seekins Precision’s next phase of Unrivaled Innovation--the HAVAK ELEMENT. Drawing on years of precision AR rifle experience and the unparalleled success of our HAVAK line, Seekins Precision has created the hybrid, ultra-light-weight hunting rifle. Using aerospace grade 7075 aluminum to encase high strength stainless steel and our Mountain Hunter contoured fluted barrel, the short action models of this rifle weigh in at a mere 5.5lbs, while the long-action models only weigh 6.0lbs. When combined with Seekins’ Lifetime and Shooter Satisfaction Guarantees, this lightweight HAVAK puts you in your ELEMENT.

Short Actions: Barrel length 21", 5 round Magpul detachable PMAG

6mm Creedmoor / 1:8 twist
6.5mm Creedmoor / 1:8 twist
6.5 PRC / 1:8 twist (3 round carbon fiber magazine)
.308 Win / 1:11.25 twist
Long Actions: Barrel length 22", 3 round carbon fiber detachable magazine, ATC Muzzle Brake

28 Nosler / 1:8.6 twist
300 Win Mag / 1:10 twist
300 PRC / 1:10 twist

Weight: SA 5.5lbs
Weight: LA 6.0lbs
Barrel: Mountain Hunter, spiral fluted 5R 416 stainless steel
Trigger: Timney Elite Hunter set at 2.5lbs
Color: Element Camo
Finish: Anodized armorer black action, bead blasted barrel
Stock: Seekins Carbon Composite Stock
Threaded Muzzle: 5/8 x 24
Integrated recoil lug, 20 MOA rail, and bubble level
M16 style extractor
4 locking lugs, 90-degree bolt throw
Removable bolt head (Magnum or Standard)
Extended cartridge overall length (COAL) allowing up to 3.14" in 6.5 PRC, and 3.9" in 28 Nosler, .300 Win Mag, and 300 PRC.


Step 1) You need a New Zealand Firearms Licence to purchase a firearm. If you don't have a licence then consider applying for one. More information available here.

Step 2) If you have a firearms licence then you can purchase any of the A Category firearms or receivers on our website. Follow the normal checkout procedure to finalise the transaction.

Step 3) Complete a police mail order form. You can download one here with all our details already filled in. You will need to fill in the Make, Model, Calibre sections of the form. You will also need to fill in your personal details. 

Step 4) Take the complete police mail order form to your local police station. They will then process the form and send us a signed copy.

Step 5) Once we receive the form, usually within 24 hours after you submit it, we send you the gun via The Firearm Dealer Network. We will email you tracking information so that you can see when the gun arrives at the firearm dealer for pickup.


You can also pick up the firearm from our shop during opening hours. Please checkout the Contact Us page for details on location and opening hours.

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