Rossi 22WMR Semi-Auto Combo

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The new Rossi 22 Magnum semi-auto adds extended range and faster follow up shots to this popular line of rifles. Built on a rugged and ergonomic polymer stock platform, these rifles combine free-float barrels and exceptional trigger performance for target shooting and small-game hunting in the potent 22 WMR caliber. 22 LR is also available in semi-auto and this line also includes a 22 LR, 22 WMR and 17 HMR in bolt-action.

The combo package includes a Nikko Sterling Mountmaster 4-12x40, A Buffalo Suppressor and an extra magazine (mag to be delivered at a later date).

Description: ROSSI RS22 22WMR
Model: RS22
Type: Semi-Auto
Caliber: 22WMR
Finish: Matte Black
Action: Semi Auto
Stock: Textured Synthetic Monte Carlo Stock
Sight: No Sights
Barrel Length: 21
Overall Length: 39.25
Weight: 4.1 lbs
Capacity: 10
Safety: Manual Cross-Bolt Safety
Features: Hammer Firing System

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  • rossi 22 magnum


    Posted by mike allen on 19th Jun 2020

    got it today. really impressed so far.

  • Rossi 22WMR Package


    Posted by Dave Reid on 15th May 2020

    I have an old 44Mag Rossi Lever gun. To be fair, its only average, so I bought this expecting it to be OK for the price, but no more. Rossi must have spent a bit of money on Quality Control is my comment. Its better than I expected. Unfortunately the local range is closed so I had to make a few quick tests in the paddock, but it was fed 30g Hornady VMAX 2200FPS and it behaved faultlessly, and in less than a mag of ammo I had it on the dot, albeit at only 25m. 4-12 scope is a nice fit, and eye relief was no issue. Possibly more gain than I may have picked for where I shoot, but if the rifle is as accurate at 100m as it is at 25, then I might value x12 far more than the magpies appreciate it!. Mag has very strong spring, its going to give few problems in that regard, and its easy to load, and quick to change. Bolt hold open a nice feature. Stock is fine, a bit 'tappy', but all polymer stocks sound like that to my old ears. Its quite a nice fit and feel, and comes up to the eye and cheek good as gold. Thanks to Jacinda Ardern for the COVID19 cash for my new rifle, 1 of 5 new ones you have generously paid for if I include my Jacinda bucks.


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