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The Magpul Bipod Sling Stud QD FDE is the next offering in the Magpul bipod line. Designed to mount to the ubiquitous Uncle Mike’s Sling Swivel Stud that is common to nearly every sporting rifle made, the Magpul Bipod Sling Stud QD is the strongest, most fully featured bipod available with direct sling stud mounting capability.

The stainless-steel mounting system self-locates and aligns perfectly every time, and an ergonomic thumb wheel allows for excellent grip to ensure easy tightening. Additionally, two sizes of high-durometer rubber mounting gaskets are provided to ensure optimized fit and load distribution on narrow sporter-contour or wider target-style forends. The ability to mount a sling on the forend is maintained with a low-profile sling stud on the rear of the Sling Stud QD mount, which also provides for a quick detachment when its needed.

Durable & Lightweight

Like our other bipods, Magpul Bipod Sling Stud QD is exceptionally strong and built to perform under punishing field conditions. Like all Magpul products, the Sling Stud QD bipod is constructed of rugged, high-strength materials and designed to last a lifetime. In the shooting position, it is easily loaded with stabilizing forward tension without fear of failure or warping. Mil-spec hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum, stainless steel internals, and injection-molded reinforced polymer ensure years of dependable performance and reliability, all while shaving weight. At just over 13 oz., the Magpul Bipod is lighter than many pricier bipods currently on the market.

Innovative, Adjustable, & Easy to Use

Deploying and adjusting the Magpul Bipod is quick and easy. Spring-tensioned legs stow neatly forward and snap down and lock into place with one hand. Leg extensions slide and lock securely with the push of a button on any of the seven half-inch spaced locking detents. The legs extend almost 3.5 inches, from 6.7 to 10.0″ in length. An industry-exclusive 50 of total tilt (+/- 25 degrees on either side) is controlled by a glove-friendly knurled tool-less bipod locking knob located between the extended legs, allowing easy adjustment between shots.

Streamlined in Design and Execution

From the drawing board, the Magpul Bipod was designed to be barely noticed until needed. Folded, the streamlined housing and legs fit neatly under the barrel and are just under 2.3 deep and 3.3 wide. In addition, anodized surfaces and tight, precision tolerances mitigate squeaks and rattles.

Functional Feet

The Sling Stud QD bipod has many features that are also useful even when it is in the stowed position. A soft rubber bipod locking knob cap is attached to the locking knob gives users a steady, non-marring forward rest while the bipod is folded. Additionally, its staggered soft rubber feet hold fast on a variety of shooting surfaces and are easily removed with a roll pin punch. Should users choose to change feet, the Sling Stud QD bipods legs accept most Atlas pattern bipod replaceable feet, except for the Atlas 5-H style.


Attachment: QD Sling Swivel

Feet Material: Rubber

Folding: Yes

Height: 6.7″ to 10″

Style: Swivel

Weight: 13 oz

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  1. B (verified owner)

    I really like this bipod. To be fair I only really have experience with the Harris type, which are fine, but I found this really nice to not have springs and multiple snag/pinch points. I have only ran this for a short period of time. Either from the bench, or during practical target shooting. Build quality is solid. I was able to run it with one hand without too much issue. Unlike the other Magpul models, this one does not have the ‘pan’ function, just the tilt. It comes with two extra plates for fitting on different foreends. I used the narrow one on the Ruger Ranch 5.56AR. Sling stud attachment is solid. Don’t tighten the stud clamp too tight if you want to remove it in the field. I was able to overtighten with my fingers but then needed pliers to loosen. Weight I think is probably similar to the Harris, if I was going to guess, the Harris might be slightly lighter, but probably not by much. I’ve shown it to other practical target shooters and a hunter, and they all seemed impressed with it.

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