Kriss Defiance DMK22C FDE 22LR


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At this stage we wont be importing anymore Kriss products until quality and reliability improves. 

Kriss rimfires are very hit and miss. You may get a good one or you may get a bad one. If you get a good one you will need to buy an aftermarket firing pin that doesnt break. 

For our customers who purchased one well under the extortionate price of the other importer, we will continue to provide support. We have an engineering firm working on fixing the firing pin problems and have sourced better aftermarket mags to help fix the feeding problems.

Our recommendation for a more accurate and reliable rimfire is to buy either a 10/22 or build one. Please see the custom rimfire section of the website. a custom 10/22 is superior in every way to a Kriss. Alternatively if it is the AR look you are going for then check out the HK416, Walther Tac R1 or the SW M&P15-22. These 3 rifles are a much better choice for competition use where reliability is required.

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