Conotech Tracer 50LRF

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The Conotech Tracer 50LRF thermal imager is equipped with a built-in laser rangefinder with a range of up to 1000 m and measurement accuracy of ± 1 m. High sensitive thermal image Vox sensor with NETD 35mK allows you to detect targets by cutting through snow, dust, smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric obscurants. They can be used in various applications including hunting, observation, security, terrain orientation, search and rescue operations, etc.

Built-in laser rangefinder
Wifi and on-board recording
Various observation modes
High sensitive thermal image sensor
Detection Range
Smooth digital zoom
Video output function
Display modes
High-resolution OLED display
Detection range on deer 2500m

Detector type: Uncooled Vox
Resolution: 384×288
Frame rate: 50Hz
Pitch: 17μm
Spectral range: 8-14μm
NETD: Less than 35mk

Objective lens: 50mm
Magnification: 3.9x
FOV: 7.4°×5.6°
Close-up range: 5m
Dioptre adjustment: -5D-4D

Zoom: Smooth digital zoom
Palette: 6 optional(can be customized)
Start up time: Less than 5 seconds
Start up image: Can be customized
Menu and information: GUI(Can be customized)
Image enhancement: DDE
Contrast and brightness: AGC
Online update: Both code and GUI resources

Type: OLED
Resolution: 1024×768

Battery: Built-in lithium battery
External power supply: 5V micro USB
Battery life: 8h+

Weight without battery: 540g
Size: 155x50x92mm

Water proof: IP67
Operating temperature: -20℃-50℃
Storage temperature: -40℃-60℃

Safety class for laser equipment according to IEC 60825-1:2014: 1
Measuring range: 5-1000m
Measurement accuracy: ±1m

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  1. Hayden (verified owner)

    Bought one of these when the big sale was on and im super impressed with it, quality is pretty top notch and that’s compared to high end pulsar thermals. Ranger finder is pretty quick and the scan mode is super handy. Ken was easy as to deal with in the case I wanted to send it back.Would 100% recommend way better performance than other thermal in the price range.

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