Air Chief Stalker JR with 4×32 Scope .177


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Air Chief Stalker JR with 4×32 Scope .177

The Air Chief Stalker JR with 4×32 Scope .177 is the perfect air rifle for the budding shooter in your family. Designed with youngsters in mind, the synthetic stock means the gun is lightweight and its moderate power means it is easier to shoot (less recoil) and cock (less strength required). This makes for a more enjoyable shooting experience for the whole family.

The Stalker Jr. now is available with a factory-fitted 4×32 scope (with 30 / 30 reticle) that is bore-sighted right out of the box, all you need to do is to complete the final sighting-in. So grab some pellets, setup your backstop, and enjoy hours of plinking pleasure. Under the supervision of a responsible adult of course!

Break barrel action
Steel receiver and barrel
TruGlo front and rear sights
Rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation
Factory-fitted 4×32 scope (with 30 / 30 reticle) and rings (scope has been bore-sighted at the factory; final sighting is required)
Medium length with well-finished synthetic stock
Barrel length: 400 mm
Overall length: 990 mm
Ideal for youths
Economical .177 calibre means cheaper pellets
7.5 J muzzle energy
Up to 600 fps (feet per second) velocity.

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