Grey Birch Solutions Carbon Fibre 10/22 Barrel 12.5" Blemished

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These barrels have a chamber blemish that does not affect accuracy, Purchasers can expect the same accuracy as the full priced versions guaranteed! 

The Grey Birch Solutions Carbon Fibre 10/22 Barrel 12.5" is wrapped using a 5-axis filament placement system with a proprietary pre-preg recipe. Using pre-preg material ensures consistency in the carbon fiber giving GBS the ability to produce a repeatable, quality product you can trust. What you can expect is a light, accurate and dependable barrel, making it an ideal upgrade for everything from precision shooting to lightening your favorite back packing rifle.

Calibre: 22LR
Weight: 511g
Length: 12.5”
Material: 416 Stainless Steel & Carbon Fibre
Twist Rate: 1:16
Rifling: Button Cut
Thread Pitch: 1 / 2” X 28”


Step 1) You need a New Zealand Firearms Licence to purchase a firearm. If you don't have a licence then consider applying for one. More information available here.

Step 2) If you have a firearms licence then you can purchase any of the A Category firearms or receivers on our website. Follow the normal checkout procedure to finalise the transaction.

Step 3) Complete a police mail order form. You can download one here with all our details already filled in. You will need to fill in the Make, Model, Calibre sections of the form. You will also need to fill in your personal details. 

Step 4) Take the complete police mail order form to your local police station. They will then process the form and send us a signed copy.

Step 5) Once we receive the form, usually within 24 hours after you submit it, we send you the gun via The Firearm Dealer Network. We will email you tracking information so that you can see when the gun arrives at the firearm dealer for pickup.


You can also pick up the firearm from our shop during opening hours. Please checkout the Contact Us page for details on location and opening hours.

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