My personal phone number is 021 750 800 (just click that link if you’re on a mobile). Generaly I attempt to answer every phone call between the hours of 8AM to 9PM. However if I don’t pick up please send me a TXT message and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


I’m not going to lie, emails soak up a large amount of our time. If you want a quick answer to a question, a phone call will deliver quickest results. However if you’re after a quote or specific information that is best handled by email then use the form below.


We are a short drive off the Kapiti expressway at 7 Magrath Ave, Paraparaumu Beach. Our hours are 9-12 weekdays and 10-12 Saturday. We are also happy to meet by appointment so please ring  if passing through. To help extend your browsing time, we have a sofa and coffee / tea making facilities for the wives and coke in the fridge for the kids. Failing that theres cafes and shopping at the beach for the tag-alongs. Well behaved dogs are always welcome.