KMW Pod-Loc


The original and proven bipod locking kit Standard issue with military and police sniper teams around the world. The original and only bipod locking kit issued it's own N.S.N. Users include but are not limited to U.S.Marine Corp, U.S. Navy, U.S.Army,...

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Kinetic Research Group

KRG Arca Spigot Mount


The KRG Arca Spigot Mount is a modified version of the standard KRG Spigot Mount. It has an Arca rail cut into it so you can use all the various Arca clamps and items right on your KRG Spigot Mount. The Spigot Mount is one of our most popular accessories...

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Kinetic Research Group

KRG Harris Bipod Direct Mount


KRG Harris Bipod Direct Mount: Mount your "S" series Harris Bipod directly to your KRG chassis, KRG Spigot Mount, or KRG Arca Clamp. This will minimize bipod twist and give a more solid mounting option. It also brings the bipod closer to the bore a small...

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Kinetic Research Group

KRG Arca Clamp


The KRG Arca Clamp gives you the mounting flexibility you need as a match or long range shooter. Accessory items like bipods and barrier stops are mounted to the clamp, then the assembly can be quickly clamped onto an Arca-Swiss rail such as the KRG Arca...

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Oryx Chassis ARCA Rail


Oryx Chassis ARCA Rail adapters are fast becoming the standard way of attaching your rifle to a tripod, bipod or other support gear. The ORYX full length ARCA rail, converts your ORYX Chassis forend to easily attach any of these accessories...

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Magpul M-LOK Bipod Mount


The Magpul M-LOK Bipod MountrPallows for the attachment of Harrisr^-style stud mounted bipods to M-LOK compatible hand guards and forends. The M-LOK Bipod Mount offers a low-profile, robust, and elegant mounting solution for the most common bipods on the...

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